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Probable Female



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Y’all asked, and we listened.  The number one request over our season break was for us to make some female Dalmatians available.  These little beauties don’t grace the available page often, and Brisby is one of just 4 we are making available this season.  With her bright orange base color and nice distribution of spots, Brisby is going to make an amazing addition to your super Dalmatian project.  Brisby should be a fun one to work with.  She has a pretty decent variety of spotting types.  She has the classic black spot, and that’s what makes up the majority of her spotting.  But she’s also sporting some inkier spots, red spots, clusters, oils, and even some empty bullseyes (which we don’t see too often here…usually our geckos with bullseye spotting have red inside of black, not the leopard-like black rings).  Brisby is being labeled as a probable female.  Under the loupe we saw zero pores, zero indents, and nice flat round scales, so all signs point to female.  Brisby still has some growing to do, so things could change, but based on development so far, we are very confident that Brisby is female.  Parents in last pic, and extended lineage is available.

Morph/Traits – Red Spot, Black Spot, Ink Spot, Oil Spot, Cluster Spot, Bullseye Spot

*Kim from The Gecko Geek here.  You may have noticed Brisby is a production of Eleventeen Exotics, and is not listed under The Gecko Geek name.  Eleventeen Exotics is my son Jack’s company, and since he is still a minor child, The Gecko Geek covers all the business end of things for him.  Any Eleventeen Exotics animals sold by The Gecko Geek are covered by all terms of sale and guarantees offered from The Gecko Geek.  You can access our terms of sale and guarantees on this site in the “Terms/Shipping” section.

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Gecko Details

Name: Brisby

Species: Crested Gecko

Sex: Probable Female

Weight: g



Origin:Eleventeen Exotics

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