Humid Hide by Pangea

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Humid Hide by Pangea


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Create a safe humid space for your reptile to hide out while soaking up some H2O & promoting proper shedding and respiratory health.

Easy to use – just add water to the humidity sponges every 3-5 days or as needed to maintain humidity inside the box.  Keep everything fresh by disinfecting your sponges – simply wash or microwave to disinfect.  Use the sponges until you feel they need to be replaced (usage time for each sponge will vary due to the unique environmental needs of different reptiles, but on average will last a couple months).  When you’re done with the sponge, just toss it in the trash without worry – because they’re made of Biodegradable cellulose!

Don’t forget to order your replacement sponges here at The Gecko Geek!  We have 10 packs available to keep you well stocked all year long!

*Humid Hides currently available in small size only.  Small measures 5.5 x 3 x 2.5 in.  Medium size humid hides coming soon*

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