Digital Temperature & Humidity Gauge

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Digital Temperature & Humidity Gauge


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With an easy to read Digital LCD Screen, this thermometer/hygrometer combo will have you accurately monitoring the temperature and humidity in your reptile’s enclosure like a pro.  It provides readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius with the flip of a switch.  The long 36″ probes allow you to easily move around the enclosure to take readings in all the zones.  (Keep probes mounted away from direct water spray for most accurate reading). Both the gauge and the probes have suction cups that can be mounted to any smooth surface.  The On/Off feature allows you to turn the device off when not in use to save battery life.  Simply hold the Power button down for 5 seconds.

*Provides readings for both Temperature & Humidity

*Includes LR44 1.5v battery

*Digital LCD Screen

*Reads in Fahrenheit & Celsius

*36″ Temperature & Humidity Probes

*Accurate and Reliable

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