Ultimate Silicone Eco Dish

Price: $12.00

Ultimate Silicone Eco Dish



Feed your geckos in functional style with Pangea’s Ultimate Silicone Eco Dish.  What’s so Eco about it, you ask?  Well, these dishes are made from high-quality non-toxic food-safe Silicone.  These durable dishes won’t break down into harmful micro plastics, which makes them a more ocean-friendly product than plastic food dish options.  They stand up well to heat, making them ideal for just about any reptile enclosure, and they’re dishwasher safe for super easy clean up.  Fits 0.5oz cups, but the food-safe and easy to clean material means no more need for disposable cups – you can feed your gecko right out of the Ultimate Silicone Eco Dish.  They’re soft and squishy too, making them a safe option for those…uh…enthusiastic feeders who attack the food dish when its placed in the enclosure.  Available in a variety of color combos to fit you & your reptile’s style.

*Currently available in Turquoise Marble & Charcoal Marble (shown in photo gallery).  Also available in Mossy Pine & Desert Marble (photos coming soon)*


Turquoise Marble, Charcoal Marble, Mossy Pine, Desert Marble

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