Insect Feeding Kit

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Insect Feeding Kit



Comes with 1 scoop, 2 insect-friendly shallow dishes, 1 packet of dry Water Gel Crystals (makes about 1 quart), and either 1 8oz bag of Pangea Insect Gutload (P.I.G.) OR 1 4oz bag of Buggy Noms in your choice of flavor (Tropical, Antioxidant Berry, Strawberry-Banana, Blueberry-Banana, or Mango-Carrot)



P.I.G. 8oz, BN Tropical 4oz, BN Antioxidant Berry 4oz, BN Strawberry-Banana 4oz, BN Blueberry-Banana 4oz, BN Mango-Carrot 4oz

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