Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Understanding Terms & Conditions

Take a moment and review our terms and conditions before completing your purchase. Scroll down to review terms.

Contact info

Email is the best way to contact us: kimthegeckogeek@gmail.com

Payment Options

The Gecko Geek accepts all major credit cards through our online checkout.  All payments are processed at the time of checkout.

We also accept payment through Venmo, Zelle, and Square.  If you would prefer to use one of these payment methods, please Contact Us to process your order rather than checking out through the online shopping cart.

ApplePay/Tap payments, and Credit Cards are also accepted for local pickup through the use of a Square card reader, however these purchases may be subject to a processing fee.  Cash is always welcome for local pickup.

Sorry, no personal checks.

Must be 18 or older to purchase Live Animals.

All purchases made within California are subject to sales tax.  For online and in-person sales, the tax rate applied will be the current rate of our home-base address, which is located in Burbank, CA.  Expo sales are subject to the tax rate of the city hosting the Expo, provided the event is taking place at a fairground or convention center.  All other pop-up events will be processed with the current tax rate for Burbank, CA.  Resellers in CA – please send us a copy of your reseller’s license issued by the state prior to finalizing purchase to waive applied tax.

All stock information posted on this site should be accurate, however because we conduct in-person sales (especially at events such as expos), it may happen on rare occasion that the inventory on our site does not accurately match our actual inventory.  If payment is sent for an animal or product that is no longer available, a full refund will be issued immediately.

All animal sales are final.  No exchanges or refunds will be issued, except in the conditions outlined below.

We will occasionally entertain trade or reduced price offers for available animals.  Upon accepting the trade or lower value offer, full payment or an arrangement to conduct the trade must be finalized within 48 hours or the accepted offer is void.  Until full payment is received or a tracking number is produced for the trade animal, the available animal will remain on “available” status, and other parties will have equal opportunity to purchase the animal.  No animals will be held without payment.  Negotiated pricing is not eligible for payment plan and must be paid in full to receive the reduced pricing.

Payment plans are available for live animal purchases over $300.  Payment plans are set up over a 30-day period, during which time the animal/s will be placed “on hold” for the buyer and will not be eligible for purchase by other potential buyers.  Our 30-Day hold terms are outlined below.  By sending the deposit amount, you confirm that you have read and agree to our hold terms.   Payment plans are only available for full-priced animals.  Any animal marked “on sale” or being sold at a price that has been negotiated privately must be paid in full in a single payment in order to receive the discounted pricing.

30-Day Hold Terms

Any available animal/s may be placed on a 30-Day Hold with receipt of a 25% non-refundable deposit of the total (including the shipping charge if applicable). Once the deposit is received, a confirmation email or text message will be sent to the buyer, and the animal/s will be officially marked as “ON HOLD”. During this hold period, we will no longer entertain offers to purchase the animal/s, even if a potential buyer offers a higher purchase price.

The remaining balance must be paid in full by 11:59PM Pacific Time on the 30th day. We do not set up scheduled payment plans. You may pay as little or as much as you like, as often or as infrequently as you like, so long as the total balance is satisfied by the end of the hold period.

As payments are received, we will send a “thank you” via email or text message to the buyer, confirming the amount received as well as the remaining balance due. Once the total balance is satisfied, the animal/s will be officially marked as “SOLD”, and shipment will be scheduled for the soonest possible date based on weather conditions & the buyer’s availability to receive the package.

If the total balance is not satisfied by 11:59PM Pacific Time on the 30th day, the animal/s will be removed from hold status & placed back on to the available page. All monies collected toward the purchase of the animal/s (minus the 25% non-refundable deposit) will be converted to store credit. Store credit has no expiration date & can be used toward the purchase of any available animal, but not toward another hold or deposit. The 25% non-refundable deposit will be retained by The Gecko Geek.  Cash refunds will NOT be issued.  Payment plans are offered as a courtesy and convenience to the buyer.  The 25% non-refundable deposit covers the cost of housing and feeding the animals while on hold status and accounts for the loss of income suffered by The Gecko Geek by turning down the potential sale of the animal while it was being kept on hold.  Buyers who place an animal (or animals) on hold, and do not satisfy the balance by the end of the hold period, will not be eligible to make purchases using a payment plan with The Gecko Geek for future purchases.

In the event that the buyer does not satisfy the balance by the end of the hold period, and The Gecko Geek follows protocol as outlined above, the buyer will not use social media or any other outlet to speak negatively about The Gecko Geek for holding to these terms.  Actions such as this will result in negative reviews for the buyer on sites including, but not limited to, Facebook Board of Inquiry groups, as well as a potential civil suit.  The Gecko Geek will take all necessary steps to preserve their reputation in the reptile community.  Again, payment plans are offered as a courtesy and convenience to the buyer, and The Gecko Geek shall see no harm in offering these payment plans or holding to the terms set in regards to them.

In the unlikely event that the hold animal falls ill or otherwise becomes unsuitable for purchase during the duration of the hold period, the buyer will be notified immediately, the gecko will be removed from “Hold” status, and all monies collected (including the 25% deposit) will be refunded.

If you have any questions about our 30-Day Hold Terms, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Location Shipping From

  • Burbank, CA

Shipping Details




Dry good orders are typically processed & packed within 24hrs of purchase, and shipped out the day after processing.  For orders placed Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or on a National Holiday, the order will be processed on the next business day.  Shipping is free for $75 minimum orders.  All orders under $75 ship for a flat rate of $6.99.  The shipping method for dry goods orders will be determined by The Gecko Geek.  The use of USPS, UPS, or FedEx will be solely at The Gecko Geek’s discretion.  Most packages will be shipped as First Class or Priority.  The average wait time for a package to arrive once shipped is 3-5 days, however, depending on the distance traveled and the location of the nearest hub in relation to your delivery address, some packages may arrive sooner and some may take more time.  You are responsible for providing us with the correct delivery address.  If an error on your part requires the item/s to be reshipped, the cost of that reshipment will be your responsibility and must be collected in full before the reshipment will be processed.  Please include any special delivery instructions in the “Notes” section at checkout. If you require expedited shipping for your package, please Contact Us with your zip code and the products you would like to order so we can discuss shipping options and rates.

Local meet ups in Burbank, CA 91504 or Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 are always an option.  Please Contact Us to schedule a meet up date/time prior to placing your order.

You may return your UNOPENED item in its original packaging within 15 days of order delivery for a refund or exchange.  Return shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility.  Any merchandise that has been opened or is returned not in its original packaging will be refunded in the form of a store credit, and a 15% restocking fee will be applied.  Items that are returned due to defect will be exchanged or refunded in full regardless of the condition of the packaging provided the item is returned within 15 days.  The return shipping cost for defective items will be the responsibility of The Gecko Geek if the item is returned within 15 days, and only after the item has been received, inspected, and determined to be defective.

If you are missing an item or have received the wrong item, please Contact Us immediately.

Products that have been cut or otherwise altered are not eligible for refund or exchange unless determined to be defective.  However, depending on the circumstances, The Gecko Geek may choose to issue a partial refund in the form of a store credit…but that’s only because we are awesome and we understand that sometimes crap happens.  Any store credit issued in these circumstances will be done so 100% at  our discretion.

Please Send Returns To:

The Gecko Geek
10935 Longford St
Lake View Terrace, CA 91342




If live insects or isopods are ordered, it may be necessary to withhold sending the package until weather is deemed safe for shipping.  The temperature must fall within 40F – 85F along the entire route of travel for the duration of the entire trip for safe shipment.  Upon receipt of the order, The Gecko Geek will observe temperatures posted for departure and destination areas.  If temperatures fall within the safe range, the order will be shipped automatically to the address provided at check out.  We strongly encourage buyers to request their live insect or isopod orders be held at the postal facility for pick up, as this is typically a much safer option for the animals, but a hold on the order is not required and delivery to your door will be the default shipping method.  If after checking weather reports, The Gecko Geek determines the temperatures are not suitable for shipping, the buyer will be contacted and informed that shipping will be withheld until weather is suitable.  We will happily hold any purchased animal for as long as necessary until weather is deemed safe for shipping.  Once weather conditions improve, The Gecko Geek will contact the buyer to confirm a ship date.  Refunds will not be issued for insects/isopods unable to ship due to unsafe weather.  If a buyer wishes to cancel their order due to weather conditions, a store credit for the full purchase price will be issued.  Buyers may request to have their live isopod or insect orders shipped when the temperatures fall outside of the range we have determined as safe, however The Gecko Geek is not obligated to comply with this request.  We will consider each request on a case by case basis, however complying with any of these requests will result in a full void of our live arrival guarantee.

Insects and Isopods are guaranteed to arrive alive & as described with at least the number of individuals as stated for the purchase count.  So for example, if you have purchased a 25 count of Dwarf White Isopods, you are guaranteed to receive at least 25 live individuals.  We often include over counts in our isopod and insect orders, however we are not obligated to do so and are not responsible for replacement and/or credit for any “extras” that may arrive DOA.  If the count you receive is less than the guaranteed count, please Contact Us right away.  We will ask for photo and/or video evidence of your claim. Possible resolutions would be a full or partial refund, store credit, or a reshipment.  DO NOT discard your DOA insects/isopods or the packaging until we have discussed the issue with you and processed a resolution.  We will need photos and/or video evidence, and depending on the circumstances, we may ask for very specific shots.  Failure to provide photo and/or video evidence of your claim may result in withholding the option of a full or partial money refund.

Local meet ups in Burbank, CA 91504 or Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 are always an option.

Live Insect and Isopod sales are final and not eligible for return.


Domestic Shipment (US Lower 48) of Live Geckos is done through FedEx via Reptiles 2 You for overnight shipping to an approved FedEx HubThere is no additional charge for this service.  Temperatures at our departure location, your arrival location, and any stopover hubs must fall within a safe range (40F-85F) for live animal shipment (see “Ship Dates and Safe Shipping Temperatures” below).  LIVE ANIMALS ARE NOT SHIPPED AUTOMATICALLY & MUST BE SCHEDULED.  After your order is completed, a representative from The Gecko Geek will contact you via the email address provided at check out to coordinate the shipment.  We will provide a list of approved FedEx hubs to choose from for your area.  The package must be picked up by an adult age 18 or older, and FedEx will require a valid government-issued ID card to be shown before they will release the package.  The name on the shipping label must match the name printed on the ID card of the Adult picking up the live-animal package.  In rural areas it sometimes is the case that there is not an approved hub within a reasonable driving distance of the buyer’s home address.  In these cases, we will give the buyer the option to either cancel the order for a full refund or change the method to delivery to your door, which may require an additional charge.  If you would like to obtain a list of approved FedEx Hubs prior to completing your purchase, please Contact Us and provide your full address in your message so we can book a mock shipment and see which Hubs are available for your area.

There is no additional ship fee for packages delivered to an approved FedEx Hub for pick up.

Your package must be picked up on its Arrival Date.  Most FedEx Ship Center Hubs operate between the hours of 9am-6pm, but we strongly recommend contacting your destination hub and confirming the hours of operation prior to your animal’s arrival so you may plan your pick up time accordingly.  We encourage our buyers to pick up their Animals as early as possible.

If you would prefer or require delivery to your door, an additional ship fee will be required and must be received in full before we will process shipment.  The additional ship fee amount will vary for each customer, as it is based on the destination location, but on average will be an additional $40 approximately.  For all deliveries to your door, an Adult must be present to accept and sign for the package on the first delivery attempt otherwise all Arrival and Health Guarantees will be void.  For deliveries to your door, shipping will be through FedEx Priority Overnight via Reptiles 2 You & guaranteed to arrive by 10:30am to most locations.  Some areas may have later guaranteed arrival times.  We will inform the buyer of the expected arrival time once the shipment is booked.  Delays past these guaranteed arrival times are rare, but possible.

Ship Dates and Safe Shipping Temperatures – Shipments are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday arrivals so that potential delays are less likely to run into the weekend, and must fall within the safe temperature zone for live-animal shipping (40F – 85F) in the departure, stop over, and destination areas.  Heat or cool packs will be included as necessary to maintain a safe internal box temperature, and there is no additional charge for these items.  Regardless of the use of heat or cool packs, external temperatures must fall within the safe range of 40F – 85F for all live animal shipments.  We do not issue refunds for geckos that cannot ship due to weather.  We will gladly hold any purchased animal/s for as long as necessary until weather is deemed suitable for shipping.  Once weather is safe for shipping live animals, a representative from The Gecko Geek will contact you via the email address you provided at check out to arrange shipment.

An adult with a valid government issued ID must be available to pick the package up from the hub on its arrival date.  Failure to pick your gecko/s up from the hub on the scheduled delivery date will void all Arrival and Health Guarantees.

In the event of a delay that results in delivery on a date other than our scheduled delivery date, a claim with the shipping provider will be opened automatically.  If the claim results in an adjustment to the shipping fee, The Gecko Geek will inform the buyer and give the option of receiving a store credit or refund of the adjustment amount.

Friday and Weekend departure/arrival is not available for Live Animal shipments.

We are not able to schedule shipments for dates that land on a Holiday for either departure or arrival.  The Holiday Closure Dates for FedEx/USPS are as follows:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Good Friday – Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s

Due to the high volume FedEx experiences during the winter holidays and the extreme cold conditions during that season, we typically close Live Animal Shipping from Thanksgiving through New Year’s.  The exact closure dates vary from year to year depending on the weather conditions.  Closures over the very hot summer months are also a possibility, with July and August typically being too hot to safely ship , but again, the exact summer closure dates will vary from year to year.  All shipping closures will be announced in the blog section of this site as well as on each available animal’s dedicated info page.

Discounts are offered for Multiple Animal purchases.  When purchasing multiple animals, please Contact Us prior to check out to receive a One-Time Use Coupon Code for your order.  Customers who do not contact us for their Multiple Animal Discount Code prior to checkout will automatically receive a One-Time Use Coupon Code via email to receive a discount on a future purchase with The Gecko Gecko.  Refunds will not be issued for buyers who fail to request this courtesy discount prior to checkout.

International buyers for geckos, please contact us for a shipping quote.  We are able to ship outside of the US to many locations.

Isopod shipments will be sent via USPS Priority (which typically arrive in 1-3 days depending on destination location) or isopods can be added to any gecko purchase and shipped in the same box via FedEx Overnight.  If you require expedited shipping for isopods & are not making a gecko purchase at this time, please Contact Us to discuss shipping options.  There will be an additional charge for expedited shipping.  International shipment of isopods is not available at this time.

We will not ship any animal before receiving payment in full and before receiving confirmation that an adult will be present to receive the package on your end.

Customers have the option to request a shipper other than our preferred, to ship in containers other than the insulated boxes we use as standard, and/or to ship when temperatures are not within the range we have established as “safe” above, however The Gecko Geek is not obligated to comply with these requests.  We will consider each on a case by case basis, however complying with any of these requests will result in a full void of our live arrival and health guarantees. If we choose not to comply with these requests and the buyer is not willing to ship via our posted methods, the order will be cancelled, and all monies collected toward the purchase and shipping of the animal/s will be refunded minus a 15% reposting fee which is retained by The Gecko Geek

Pick Up

Pick up location – Burbank, CA 91504 or Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

If you are local and would like to arrange to pick up your order, please Contact Us.  Meet ups with locals are considered on a case by case basis, and will take place in a public location of our choosing.  Sorry, we do not entertain private parties at our facility.


Live arrival

Animals are guaranteed to arrive alive, healthy, and exactly as we have described them. If there are any problems with your purchase, including but not limited to death on arrival, we must be notified within 15 minutes of your receipt of the animal.  Failure to notify us within this time frame will result in the void of our Live Arrival and Health guarantees.  Photographic proof of complaint is required before a store credit or replacement animal is given.  Cash refunds will not be issued.

Geckos will sometimes drop their tails due to stress.  This does not affect the health or breeding ability of the gecko, therefore no compensation will be offered in the case of a tail lost during shipment.


Any animal described as “male” or “female” is guaranteed to be the specified sex. If the animal is later discovered to be the wrong sex (verification required), a suitable replacement animal (if available) or store credit will be issued. If a replacement animal is requested, buyer must first return the original animal.  Shipping fees associated with returning the original animal will be the buyer’s responsibility.  The shipping cost of the replacement will be The Gecko Geek’s responsibility.  If store credit is preferred, the original animal must first be returned to The Gecko Geek (at the buyer’s expense).  Upon receipt of the original animal, a store credit will be issued to the buyer in the exact amount of the original purchase (including the original shipping charge).  If the buyer chooses to keep the original animal, no store credit will be issued nor will a replacement animal be sent.  Cash refunds and/or price adjustments will not be issued.

Animals listed as “probable male” mean that after louping the gecko we have seen what appear to be pre-anal pores, however no visible bulge is present.  “Probable males” are not guaranteed to be male.

Animals listed as “probable female” mean that no pre-anal pores were visible after louping an animal who, if male, would typically being showing pores at this stage.  “Probable females” are not guaranteed to be female.

Sex is not guaranteed for probable males or females because louping is not 100% accurate.

Animals listed as “unsexed” are too small/young to accurately determine sex.  If the animal has been viewed under a loupe, we will indicate whether or not pores were seen.  Seeing or not seeing pores on “unsexed” animals does not guarantee the sex.  We provide this information as a courtesy so buyers can make an educated guess about the sex of an animal they are considering for purchase.

General Health

We are confident with our practices and husbandry, and therefore offer a 30 day health guarantee for all animals sold by The Gecko Geek.  This guarantee covers health issues only, and only applies if the animal has been properly received (as outlined above) and quarantined from any other reptiles.  If you fail to properly feed, house, isolate, or otherwise treat the purchased animal, this guarantee is void.  In the event of the animal’s illness or death, photographic evidence as well as a report from a veterinarian of an exam or necropsy will be required.  If this report verifies with reasonable certainty that we are at fault, a store credit for the full purchase price of the animal or replacement animal will be offered.  Cash refunds will not be issued.  If the animal tests positive for a contagious illness, and other animals in the buyer’s care are also confirmed as positive for this illness, The Gecko Geek shall hold no responsibility for the care or compensation for any of those animals, as this would indicate improper quarantine practices and there would be no reasonable way to determine which gecko the illness originated with.

In addition to our 30 day health guarantee, we also offer a Genetic Health Guarantee for all animals produced by The Gecko Geek.  We take great care in selecting our breeding pairs and keep solid family history records, so when you purchase an animal produced by The Gecko Geek, you can rest assured that you are receiving a strong, healthy, quality animal.  We guarantee the genetic health of the geckos we produce for the duration of their lives.  If it is discovered at any point in time that the gecko is suffering from a genetic defect which would impact the quality of life or affect its ability to reproduce (report from a veterinarian of an exam or necrospy required for verification), a replacement animal or store credit for the full purchase price of the animal will be offered.  Cash refunds will not be issued.  The Genetic Health Guarantee covers only genetic defects which impact quality of life or reproductive ability.  It does not cover contagious diseases, parasites, death or illness as a result of egg binding, death or illness as a result of calcium-related conditions, or any other condition or situation other than what has been outlined above.  The Genetic Health Guarantee only applies to animals produced in-house by The Gecko Geek.  To see if the animal you are purchasing was produced by The Gecko Geek, simply look at the animal’s statistics chart on the animal’s dedicated page on this site.  If “origin” states “The Gecko Geek”, the animal was produced here by us.  If any other name is listed in the “origin” section, the animal was not produced in-house, and only the 30-day general health guarantee will apply.

General and Genetic Health guarantees do not apply to wholesale orders.  All geckos sold as wholesale come with a live-arrival guarantee only.


Animals described as “proven” have produced offspring in the past.  Photographs and records for the offspring of a particular animal are available upon request.

Animal Description

We do our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date representation of the animals we offer for sale, however it is nearly impossible to guarantee the final adult color or pattern of a crested gecko. An animal’s color can change depending on stress, mood, and as it matures.  The patterns can also change as the gecko ages, with the possibility of either increasing or decreasing.  There is also the possibility that spots may develop over time.  Please also keep in mind that colors can appear differently from one computer screen to the next.

We guarantee that our photos are never enhanced, touched-up, or otherwise altered, and we will gladly provide additional photos and/or video upon request.


Animal Abandonment

Animals that have not shipped within 30 days of the date they were purchased are considered abandoned.  Once you have purchased an animal from The Gecko Geek, it is your responsibility to be available to receive that animal.  Your animal will not ship automatically.  You will be contacted by a representative from The Gecko Gecko after your purchase is complete to arrange shipment.  We will contact you via the email address that you provide at checkout.  Provided that the weather is deemed safe & acceptable for shipping, we will present you with possible ship dates for the upcoming ship week.  We will at that time ask you to select at least one date that you will be available to receive your animal.  If you are unable to receive your animal on any of the available dates selected, we will postpone shipping and repeat this process for the following ship week.  If you still are unable to receive your animal on any of the available dates, we will repeat this process up to 2 more times.  If after 4 attempts to arrange shipment (covering a span of 30 days), a date still has not been confirmed, either by your refusal of the presented ship dates or by your lack of response to our attempts to contact, your animal will be considered abandoned.

If at the time of purchase, weather is such that it is not safe to ship your animal, your animal will be placed on a weather hold and shipment will be postponed until weather is deemed safe & acceptable for shipping.  As per our terms, any purchased animal will be held at no additional charge for as long as it takes until weather is deemed acceptable for shipping.  Once weather is safe for shipping live animals, you will be contacted via the email address you provided at checkout and we will follow procedure as outlined above.

Abandoned orders are subject to a 50% restocking fee.  The remaining balance will be automatically refunded via the method paid.  Individuals who abandon animals with The Gecko Geek will not be permitted to purchase any animals from us in the future.

If you have any questions regarding The Gecko Geek’s terms, please “Contact Us“.