Cuttlefish Bone – Bulk Bag

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Cuttlefish Bone – Bulk Bag


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Cuttlefish bones provide an excellent source of calcium for your isopods (as well as tortoises, turtles, birds, and more), and our bulk cuttlefish bone bags are an affordable way to offer this essential mineral to your beloved pets.

Our bulk bags will contain pieces of various lengths and thickness. There may be whole pieces or they may be large fragments, but you’ll never get a bag full of scraps and dust. The cuttlefish bone in the photos is a accurate representation of the types of pieces you may receive, however because this is a natural product, each bag will vary and the pieces shown here will not be the actual pieces included in your bulk bag.

Cuttlefish Bone Bulk Bag is packaged in a resealable food-safe bag and is net weight 5oz

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