Leapin’ Leachies – Rhaco Risotto

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Leapin’ Leachies – Rhaco Risotto



A tasty complete diet for crested, gargoyle, sarsinorum, trachyrhynchus, & many more.  This is the Leapin’ Leachies formula designated for all the Rhacodactylus complex.  It can be used as a staple diet or in rotation with others.  This diet mixes a thin at first and then tends to thicken up within a few minutes.  Its quite a bit thicker than other brands.  For geckos who enjoy some bite to their meal, this formula is a great choice.  It can also be thinned to desired consistency for those who prefer to lick their meals.  Your banana-loving geckos will get a kick out of this formula…it has a scent very similar to banana bread batter.


100g, 250g, 500g

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