PangeaCal plus Trace Minerals (With D3)- 3oz

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PangeaCal plus Trace Minerals (With D3)- 3oz


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PangeaCal Calcium (With D3) supplement is made of the highest quality ingredients, and is great for reptiles with little exposure to natural sunlight. This Phosphorous-free, ultra fine ultra pure calcium supplement contains trace minerals from kelp and spirulina algae , and has added Vitamin D3, which reptiles require in order to absorb calcium.  Animals who are housed outdoors and/or are exposed to a significant amount of natural sunlight are able to produce D3 naturally through their UVB exposure.  For all reptiles who do not have exposure to natural sunlight (not just UVB bulbs in an enclosure), dietary D3 must be supplied in order to ensure proper calcium absorption.  PangeaCal With D3 is ideal for dusting feeder insects.  Simply place live feeder insects into a plastic bag or cup, add enough calcium to lightly coat the items (just a dusting….we’re not trying to batter and fry them), gently shake the bag or cup until items are evenly coated with the powder, & promptly feed to your reptiles.

But my Gecko eats a complete and balanced frugivore diet…why do I need to offer supplements?

While the gecko diets we sell are whole and balanced with an ideal ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus, any time your gecko eats a food item that contains Phosphorous, it must be countered with an equal amount of Calcium to process it.  And guess what those feeder insects are loaded with?  That’s right, Phosphorous.  It is absolutely essential that feeder insects be dusted with a quality calcium powder immediately prior to being fed to your reptile.  Also keep in mind that any fresh fruit treats offered to your frugivorous reptiles may have a Ca:P ratio that is not ideal.  Its important to know the nutritional content of the fresh fruits you may offer as treats, and to supplement with Calcium accordingly

PangeaCal is available With and Without D3, to suit the needs of the reptile you are feeding.  We understand diets can vary depending on each reptile, so this is why we offer Calcium both with and without Vitamin D3.  It is important that you understand your pet’s unique dietary needs when offering calcium supplement, as too much or too little D3 in the diet can cause complications.

This section is for purchasing PangeaCal WITH D3.  If you would like to purchase PangeaCal without D3 or if you require both with and without D3, you can find those other options in our Gecko Goodies/Supplements section.

*A dish of pure calcium may be placed in your gecko’s enclosure for them to freely lick from.  When offering a dish a calcium for your pet to self-supplement, please make sure you are using Calcium WITHOUT D3.  Vitamin D3 is fat soluble and can be over-supplemented if offered to freely lick from a dish

Ingredients: Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin D3, kelp meal, spirulina algae.
Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium min. 38% max 43%, Vitamin D3 min. 50,000 iu/kg

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