Pangea Complete Diet – Growth & Breeding Formula

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Pangea Complete Diet – Growth & Breeding Formula



Pangea Complete Gecko Food uses a combination of fruits that your frugivorous geckos won’t be able to resist.  It has been formulated using only the highest quality ingredients, including All-Natural USA Dried Fruits, Whey Protein Isolate, Bee Pollen, Algaes, Probiotics, Insect-Based Proteins, & more.  The ingredients are selected to contain very low levels of Anti-Nutrients like Oxalates and Phytates.  No seeds, nuts, seed meal, cereal grains, or high oxalate fruits or vegetables in this gecko diet.  All ingredients are sourced in the USA, and all Pangea Diets are made in the USA.

Pangea Growth & Breeding Formula is designed to fulfill the unique requirements of reproductive geckos.  The main source of fat & protein in this formula is from Insects (North American Farm-Raised Crickets and Black Soldier Fly Larvae).  The fruits used are a delicious blend of Banana & Apricot which has been well-like by almost all geckos and creates a feeding response similar to the other tasty Pangea formulas.  The high fat levels help strengthen egg production through the season, & the calcium level is near the maximum level for a complete diet.  It is safe, and sometimes necessary, to offer additional plain pure calcium (with NO D3) to the diet if your females are becoming depleted.  Alternately, liquid form calcium may supplemented to your geckos or a dish of pure calcium (with NO D3) can be offered for your females to lick freely from.

While this formula is ideally suited as a breeder diet, it can be fed to geckos of all life stages.  As a growth formula, this seems to provide optimum growth in juvenile crested geckos.  Other species such as leachianus, auriculatus, and eurydactylodes grow nicely on this formula from the get-go.

Directions: Mix 2.5 parts Water to 1 part Powder by volume.  This is a thicker blend and is usually eaten best when mixed to the consistency of ketchup.  This diet should be offered fresh every other day through the breeding season even though there may be some waste.  Breeding animals will benefit more from smaller more frequent meals rather than more spaced out feedings on which they tend to gorge themselves.  Remove any uneaten food at each new feeding, or sooner if the food has dried out, begun to mold, or has become soiled.  And by “soiled”, yes, we mean if your gecko has pooped in its food dish.  They do that sometimes.  Please immediately remove and replace and food which has been pooped in.

Prepared mix is good for up to 7 days if refrigerated.  Open dry mix is good for 6 months at room temperature or 1 year if refrigerated and stored in its original packaging.  Unopened shelf life is 18 months.

Available in 2oz, 8oz, or 16oz sizes

Try all 6 Pangea flavors for a nice variety and well-rounded gecko diet – Apricot, Papaya, Watermelon, Fig & Insect, Fruit & Insect, and Growth & Breeder Formula

Note: In addition to any of the complete diets, we do recommend offering live insects to your gecko’s diet, both for their nutritional value as well as the enrichment the act of hunting will provide.  Occasional Live Insect feedings are recommended, but not required.  Please review our care sheets for a list of appropriate live feeder insects. When offering any complete diet without supplemental live insect feedings, fresh food must be offered daily even though much of it may not be eaten

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2oz, 8oz, 16oz

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