Micro Magnolia Leaves – 1 quart

Price: $9.00

Micro Magnolia Leaves – 1 quart


All the same functionality of our standard sized Magnolia leaves, but on a micro scale. Micro Magnolia Leaves are hand-sorted to include only leaves that are sized 3″ or less.  They’re fantastic for micro geckos, dart frogs, arachnids, and insects.  These leaves are a great choice for smaller pets, nano tanks, or arboreal builds that have a smaller floor footprint.  You get all the beauty and functionality without having to break or cut up larger leaves to fit.  The whole leaf will last much longer in your enclosure than a cut or broken one, and its visually more appealing for your bioactive enclosures.

All Magnolia leaves are natural products and will vary in size, shape, and color.  The leaves pictured here are examples of the leaves we have available, but may not be the actual leaves you receive.  The leaves you receive will measure 3″ or less and will be full leaves.  The stem may or may not be attached.  The number of leaves received in each package may vary depending on the size of each individual leaf in the pack.  Last photo shows side by side comparison of a standard sized magnolia leaf and a micro magnolia leaf.

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