Magnolia Pod – 3 pack

Price: $6.00

Magnolia Pod – 3 pack


Add a functional and natural accent to your enclosure with Magnolia Pods.  These puppies will host a bundle of microfauna (isopods/springtails) which are beneficial to bioactive terrariums.

If you want your clean up crew to multiply, just give ’em a pod and watch your colony grow!!  All you have to do is set it on top of the soil and your dirt shrimp will do the rest.  This is a natural product and will break down over time.  As it begins to develop bare spots, simply turn it so an intact area is touching the soil surface so your isopods can easily access the nooks and crannies.  For best results, use 1-2 pods per each 12″ x 12″ footprint in your enclosure and plan to replace them every 3 months or so.  And don’t worry about growing a giant Magnolia tree in your terrarium…we remove all viable seeds from the pod prior to shipment.

Magnolia Pods can be submerged in water as well, so they also make for great aquarium accents.

These pods are completely intact and have a stem attached.  They average about 5″ total length (approx. 3″ of pod & 2″ of stem)  3 pods per pack.  We also have Imperfect Pod bundles for those of you who want all the functionality but don’t necessarily need a showpiece accent.  Imperfect Pods may be smaller than average, missing stem, and/or have bare spots & are sold in bundles at a discounted price.

All Magnolia Pods are natural products and will vary in size, shape, and color.  The pods pictured here are examples of the pods we have available, but may not be the exact pod you receive.

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