Magnolia Mulch – 2 Quarts

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Magnolia Mulch – 2 Quarts


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Tired of paying premium prices for leaves just to crunch them up and mix them with your dirt?  We’ve got you, Boo. Our Magnolia Mulch has been rinsed, air-dried, removed from the tough woody stem, and crushed into the ideal size for blending into your substrate.  Magnolia Mulch also works great as a topper leaf litter layer in bioactive enclosures, and can be used on its own or blended with Whole Magnolia Leaves for a more natural forest floor look.  Your microfauna will love these crushed leaves as well, and they’ll make a welcome and delicious addition to your isopod colonies.

Because Magnolia Mulch is crushed, we can pack a lot more into the bags than we can with the whole leaves. So you get a lot more leaf for a fraction of the price, making Magnolia Mulch our most affordable leaf litter option.

We collect our Magnolia leaves weekly for our own pesticide-free trees.  They are rinsed by hand in water only & air-dried, and come with simple sterilization instructions for those who choose to take that step.

In a bioactive enclosure, a healthy leaf litter layer is essential.  It will help to keep your soil from getting too chilly by producing natural heat during the decomposition process.  Magnolia leaves will also help to keep your soil from drying out too quickly, as the litter layer traps and recycles evaporating water.  This means having the leaf litter there will allow you to mist less in order to hydrate the soil and create humidity…and anyone keeping bioactive knows there’s a huge difference between being wet and being humid.  These leaves are also an excellent food source for the various beneficial microfauna (such as isopods and springtails) that inhabit your natural enclosure.

Geckos, frogs, arachnids…really any tank inhabitants will enjoy hiding out in the litter layer and/or sneaking about amongst the leaves.  So in addition to being functional, Magnolia Leaves also provide enrichment to your animals.

All Magnolia Leaves are natural products and will vary in size, shape, and color.  The leaves pictured here are meant as an example, but will not be the actual leaves received. Magnolia Mulch is sold by volume & offered in 2 Quart size online (2 bags that are 1 Quart volume each). Because this is a natural product and each leaf is unique, the weight of each bag may vary slightly.

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