Magnolia Leaves – (Whole Leaf)

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Magnolia Leaves – (Whole Leaf)



These gorgeous leathery leaves are a great addition to any gecko enclosure.  We love all the unique twists and turns of the leaves that act as naturally formed hideaways for small reptiles, inverts, and microfauna.  They’re also a great food source for live clean up crews…isopods will eat these down to a creepily beautiful leaf skeleton.

We collect our Magnolia leaves weekly for our own pesticide-free trees. Our Whole Leaves are rinsed by hand & air-dried, and come with simple sterilization instructions for those who choose to take that step.  Magnolia leaves are a thick and leathery leaf, so they tend to be long-lasting and have a slower break down than other leaf litter choices.  They’re a really fantastic choice as a long-term food source for isopods.  In full leaf form, they’ll also double as a humid region on the soil surface which makes them excellent for isopod varieties who prefer a little more dry out in the soil.  And they smell great too!  *For a good soil mix-in or an option with a faster breakdown, check out our Magnolia Mulch.  We also carry Micro Magnolia Leaves which are 3″ or less in size

Geckos, frogs, arachnids…really any tank inhabitants will enjoy hiding out in the leaf litter layer and/or sneaking about amongst the leaves.  So in addition to being functional, Magnolia Leaves also provide enrichment to your animals.

All Magnolia Leaves are natural products and will vary in size, shape, and color.  The leaves pictured here are examples of the leaves we have available, but may not be the actual leaves you receive.  The number of leaves received in each package may vary depending on the size of each individual leaf in the pack.  Our leaves are carefully packed whole, however because dried leaves can be fragile, it is possible that some leaf breakage may occur in transit.  We are generous in providing an overage in each package to account for potential breakage.

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