Leapin’ Leachies – Leachie Linguine

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Leapin’ Leachies – Leachie Linguine



This is the first diet in the world specifically made for Rhacodactylus Leachianus, and addresses the unique dietary needs of the world’s largest living gecko species!  Leachie Linguine has a protein content that is higher than other commercial brands, but at under 30%, still falls within a reasonable and safe range.  Palatability is also key with this diet.  Leachianus tend to be quite picky, but the flavor profile, aroma, and texture of this diet are all working together to entice your Leachianus to the dish.  Most Leachies take to the diet right away or in very few trials.  It has a heavy aroma similar to banana bread batter, and it firms up nicely after a few minutes.  The initial mixture will be thin, but in a short time it thickens to a consistency that can be bitten into, which many Leachianus tend to enjoy.  For those who prefer to lick their meals, the diet can be thinned with water to the desired consistency.


100g, 250g, 500g

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