Leapin’ Leachies – Chewie Fettuccine

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Leapin’ Leachies – Chewie Fettuccine



This formula has been developed specifically with Mniarogekko Chahoua in mind.  Beside finding a combination of flavors pleasing to Chahoua, it was also important to offer higher protein and additional calcium.  Since Chahoua naturally feed more on invertebrates (and possibly small lizards too) than on fruits, the higher protein levels of this formula are well-suited to them.  Chahoua also lay eggs with a thick calcium matrix, and have been known to “calcium crash” after a few clutches.  Its not uncommon to see females quite depleted after laying, often displaying wavy tails and low energy.  For Chahoua or any fruit & nectar-eating species who lat hard-shelled eggs (such as day geckos and Ailuronyx species), this formula with its higher calcium content is especially useful.  This diet mixes thin at first and thickens after several minutes.  It tends to thicken much more than other brands of diet.  Geckos who enjoy a bit of bite to their food will really love the consistency of this diet.  For those who prefer to lick their meals, this diet can be thinned with water to reach the desired consistency.


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