Hanging Coconut Hide

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Hanging Coconut Hide


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With a 2″ opening & sturdy rope for hanging, these coconuts are an attractive natural hideaway for your terrarium pets. Geckos, tree frogs, and other reptiles will instinctively seek out shelter to make themselves feel safe from predators. Hanging Coconut Hides mimic tree hollows that reptiles love to cozy up in. Comes with a rope hanger which you can secure to the screen top or other structures within the cage. A zip tie works great for making sure it is securely fastened in place. You can fill the hide with orchid moss to make it even more inviting for your pet.
A good selection of hides is essential for your gecko’s enclosure. Often they need to get out of the heat to regulate their body temperature, or just need a private place to shed or de-stress from what’s going on around them. Our geckos value an abundance of resources in their enclosure, and providing multiple hides and climbing areas will actually help to encourage your gecko to be more calm and confident.
When a gecko has just one hide, they tend to resource-guard and are reluctant to leave the spot for fear they may lose it. But with a few of these coconuts or other hides placed throughout the enclosure, our experience is that our geckos are more confident to explore their environment, and as a result tend to be much more visible in the terrarium

Hanging Coconut Hides are made of 100% natural coconuts. Because this is a natural product, the look and exact size of each hide will vary, however all have been cut with a 2″ opening and the coconuts selected for our hides average 3-4″ diameter

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