Gecko Sexing Kit

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Gecko Sexing Kit


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Anyone whose ever tried to pore sex a gecko can tell you it can be quite a challenging endeavor. Our Sexing Kit helps to make this task easier on both you and your gecko friends.

Kit includes a Sexing Loupe, Soft Foam Pad , and Crystal Clear Deli Cup

* Loupe – 30x/60x magnification with bright LED light, glass lenses, swivel cover, & protective case  Battery included

* Soft Foam Pad – allows you to gently hold your gecko in place while viewing through loupe

* Crystal Clear Deli Cup – for the  cleanest viewing possible….literally…some geckos protest louping by pooping, and trust us, a face full of gecko dookie is not something you want to experience for yourself!  This super clear rigid cup allows clear viewing through the bottom, lid, and curved sides all while keeping a protective barrier between your gecko and your face.  Cleans easily with mild soap and warm water.  For best results, towel dry to avoid water spots




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