Bee Pollen

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Bee Pollen



100% Organic, Non-GMO, Human Grade Bee Pollen

There are all sorts of sciency reasons why adding Bee Pollen to your gecko’s diet can be a rad thing, but really the A Number 1 reason that we can give is that it’s a really effective appetite stimulant.  And just a sprinkle is all it takes.  For pickier eaters, and especially for those rehabbing geckos who were fed incorrect diets of all-insect or baby food, adding a small amount of Bee Pollen to prepared gecko diet can stimulate a feeding response and transition them onto it much faster than when offering the diet alone.  It’s also amazing as a multivitamin…that they love eating it is just a super bonus.

We offer this to our own New Caledonian geckos once monthly or so, adding just a small pinch of powder on top of their prepared gecko food as a way to deliver protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, & tons of other nutritional elements to their diet.  Our Blue Tongue Skink enjoys some bee pollen granule as a salad topper from time to time.  For our insectivores, we add Bee Pollen Granule as part of our feeder insect gutload prior to offering the bugs to our geckos.  The granule form is is great when feeding insects, because they don’t get dusted in it (which can suffocate) or track it around their habitat.  When mixing into or topping prepared crested gecko diet (or similar frugivore diets that are powder mixed with water), the powder form is preferred as it blends much better and keeps those sneaky geckos from just picking out the bee pollen tasty treat and leaving behind the rest of their meal.

Available in 1oz & 4oz sizes for both the Powder and Granule form.

*As with any supplement, Bee Pollen should be used responsibly.  This is one of those products where a little bit goes a long way.  For healthy geckos with normal appetites, offering once monthly as a multivitamin is recommended.  For picky eaters, those on hunger strike, or geckos transitioning diets, offering a small pinch per meal until they’re on track should be fine (provided they were not refusing food due to medical issues, professionally diagnosed or not), but this should be a short-term routine.  We do not recommend offering bee pollen to actively breeding males.  Bee pollen is a vasodilator, and while we’re not aware of testing specifically with reptiles to see if blood flow responds the same as we know it to for mammals, we just feel that its potentially unsafe to offer as the increase in blood flow may possibly create difficulties in retracting the hemipene back inside the body.  Maybe we’re being overly cautious here, but with prolapse being painful/uncomfortable, possibly requiring expensive surgery to correct, and sometimes being a fatal condition, we’d just rather err on the side of caution – especially since it’s really super easy to just not give actively breeding males any bee pollen.  The boys do love the stuff, and our fellas get their turn with it…we just reserve it for when they’re on a break from the ladies.  So please, use this product with caution, just as you should with any supplement, and use it responsibly.  Too much of a good thing can be harmful, and over supplementing bee pollen (or pretty much any supplement for that matter) can risk the health and longevity of your reptile.

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1oz Powder, 4oz Powder, 0.5tsp Vial (Powder only), 1oz Granule, 4oz Granule

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