Some Changes At The Gecko Geek

Hey Folks!

You may have noticed some things looking a little different on the site as of late.  We’re making a few updates to make this site even better for you!

So what’s new? There will be updated care sheets, lots more articles to read…and our biggest change – the addition of our “Gecko Goodies”.  This page will be dedicated to all the stuffs your gecko needs and wants.  We will have all sorts of dry goods, plus lots of cool items to help you go bioactive in your enclosures.

But where did our Gargoyles go??? Don’t fret, my peeps!  We’ve still got them!  In order to add our “Goodies” page, we had to move the gargoyle album onto our “Meet The Folks” page.  In addition to the gargoyles, we will also be adding photos of all of the other geckos in our ever-growing collection.  So soon in the “Meet The Folks” section, you’ll see photos of our leachainus, chahoua, eurydactylodes, gonatodes, sphaerodactylus, vipers, helmeted, mourning, typus…..well, lets just say there’s going to be a lot to see there!!

I am just one person, though, and while I am AWESOME at geckoing…it turns out I’m kind of less-than-awesome at computering!!  This is going to be a pretty slow-going change as I sort everything out.  Realistically, I’m hoping to have a brand spanking new site up and running for you guys by 2018.  I’m going to leave the site live while the changes are made since its going to be such a long process, so please bear with me through the construction.

Thanks for geeking out about geckos with us! Looking forward to sharing our new look with all of you very soon!!