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There’s a nice amount of vibrant orange blotching on this light-based lady.  Photos show fired and unfired.  Produced here at The Gecko Geek out of our Rueger x Fallon pairing.  You’d think we’d be able to tell for certain whether Runyon is male or female, but we’re really just a bit stumped.  Some days, there’s really nothing visible under the loupe.  Other days, we’ve made out pores…and enough of them to have us uncertain about saying one way or the other.

Runyon has been calm natured for us when out of the enclosure and has done well when handled both by adults and children.  We unfortunately lost the tag that had the hatch date written on it.  We know Runyon hatched late 2019, but we just don’t want to guess at the actual month or day.

Gecko Details

Name: Runyon

Species: Gargoyle Gecko

Sex: Unknown

Weight: 28g

Origin:The Gecko Geek

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