Orchid Moss

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Orchid Moss


Orchid Moss, hands down, is one of the best and most versatile mosses for reptile keeping.  This moss is super absorbent and doesn’t dry out easily, making it ideal for use in humid hides, lay boxes, as an incubation medium, and as a mix-in to (or topper for) soil floors.  Its so great at locking in moisture and helping bump up humidity in an enclosure without having to keep the enclosure wet.  Plus its naturally antimicrobial, which makes it difficult for bacteria and fungi to colonize on it.  Orchid moss is attractive and functional for bioactive habitats, and its also a great choice for adding a humid zone to a short-term or quarantine habitat too…because we all know there’s nothing sanitary about a lizard on a wet paper towel.

Our Orchid Moss is Premium Grade, and has been sorted to remove any twigs or strings.  The photos here are a good representation of what the Orchid Moss you receive will look like, however this is a natural product and colors, strand length, etc may vary slightly.  Sold as 1 ounce, dry weight.

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