Morgus the Magnificent

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Morgus the Magnificent


Full sibling of our glorious “Riker’s Beard” and “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.  Morgus the Magnificent is thick with pattern and contrast.  He’s going to make an incredible stud when he’s mature.  His build is bulking and his structure is starting to fill in, and it all looks very promising, so we’re cutting him loose now before he becomes a manly man and we cave an keep him like we’ve done with soooooo many from this family group.  Its a rare occasion when we release a kid from this family…and especially from this pairing, so don’t expect to see another any time soon.

Gecko Details

Name: Morgus the Magnificent

Species: Crested Gecko

Sex: Male

Weight: 24g

Hatched: May 11, 2019

Sire:London Fog


Origin:The Gecko Geek

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