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Probable Female



*6/14/22 – The Summer heat is rising, and pretty soon our temperatures and those across the country will be too high to safely ship live animals.  That means we’re closing SOON people!!!  Because the summer heat in Southern California often lasts well into October, we do not offer Summer holds.  By the time we cool down enough to safely ship, many other places in the country are already starting to freeze.  So snag these beauties while  you still can.  We expect to be officially closing some time this month.

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Golden rich oranges, striking paper whites, and icy cool grays!  Cheesehead isn’t messing around in the color department.  We have Jane Family lineage in this kid, so that extra wide dorsum was no accident.  Expect a bulky build, thick neck, and wide head as she matures.

Gecko Details

Name: Cheesehead

Species: Crested Gecko

Sex: Probable Female

Weight: 11g


Dam:Hot In Topeka

Origin:The Gecko Geek / Captivating Critters

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