Magnolia Leaves (Fresh Fallen) – 1 Quart

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Magnolia Leaves (Fresh Fallen) – 1 Quart


Want to add a natural touch to your enclosure without going fully bioactive?  Or do you have a bioactive enclosure and want to step it up a notch?  Just need something tasty for your isopods?

Try Magnolia leaf litter!

These gorgeous leathery leaves are a great addition to any gecko enclosure.  We love all the unique twists and turns of the leaves, and the color and pattern variations are just beautiful.  Awesome for frogs and arachnids too…and isopods will eat these down to a creepily beautiful leaf skeleton.

We collect our Magnolia leaves weekly for our own pesticide-free tree.  They are hand-washed & air-dried, and come with simple sterilization instructions for those who choose to take that step.  These are nice, fresh leaves with a somewhat leathery texture…not crunchy old dry things.  And they smell great too!  Because we collect weekly, we’re able to offer you the freshest possible leaf, but keep in mind that trees don’t drop leaves year-round, so fresh leaf is subject to seasonal availability.  For the widest range of color variations, place your order in early Spring to take advantage of the first fresh fall of the season.

In a bioactive enclosure, a healthy leaf litter layer is essential.  It will help to keep your soil from getting too chilly by producing natural heat during the composition process.  Magnolia leaves will also help to keep your soil from drying out too quickly, as the litter layer traps and recycles evaporating water.  This means having the leaf litter there will allow you to mist less in order to hydrate the soil and create humidity…and anyone keeping bioactive knows there’s a huge difference between being wet and being humid.  These leaves are also an excellent food source for the various beneficial microfauna (such as isopods and springtails) that inhabit your natural enclosure.

Geckos, frogs, arachnids…really any tank inhabitants will enjoy hiding out in the litter layer and/or sneaking about amongst the leaves.  So in addition to being functional, Magnolia Leaves also provide enrichment to your animals.

In tub-style enclosures with paper towel substrate, Magnolia Leaves can add a nice natural touch and provide your gecko with a humid hiding area.  Their natural curves create little humid hideaways your creatures will love.  As water evaporates from your flooring, small amounts will get caught on the underside of the leaf, which is slightly furry in texture.  If you’re having trouble keeping the humidity in your tub up without making things all wet, a neat little pile of leaves may be just the answer for you.

All Magnolia Leaves are natural products and will vary in size, shape, and color.  The leaves pictured here are examples of the leaves we have available, but may not be the actual leaves you receive.  The leaves you receive will measure 3″ or greater, and will be full leaves with stem detached.  The number of leaves received in each package may vary depending on the size of each individual leaf in the pack.  To offer the freshest possible leaf, we typically collect and wash the leaves the same day an order is placed.  When ordering Fresh Fallen Leaves, please allow a few additional days to process shipping, as we need to be certain the leaves have fully air-dried before sending them out, as wet leaves have the potential to spoil in transit.

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