Dark Passenger

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Dark Passenger


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That unique cream spotted pattern along Dark Passenger’s dorsum is just unreal and looks so incredible against his deep black base color.  Produced by Posey Cresteds out of Bloodfire x Blair.  Blair is a Lilly White, but we just want to clarify for folks who are not familiar with the gene that Dark Passenger is not.  With Lilly White, the gecko either is or isn’t.  There is no such thing as “Het Lilly White” and a gecko cannot be a non-visual carrier of the gene.  All that said, mom being a Lilly White does play into the brightness and boldness of Dark Passenger’s colors, and that’s something that is passable to his future offspring.  We purchased Dark Passenger as a small babe in the hopes he would be a she (we’ve been trying to acquire potential partners for our boy Burnt To A Crisp).  But, this one didn’t pan out for us, and unfortunately our collection is such that we just don’t have the room for another dark based male.

Gecko Details

Name: Dark Passenger

Species: Crested Gecko

Sex: Male

Weight: 18g



Origin:Posey Cresteds

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