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*6/14/22 – The Summer heat is rising, and pretty soon our temperatures and those across the country will be too high to safely ship live animals.  That means we’re closing SOON people!!!  Because the summer heat in Southern California often lasts well into October, we do not offer Summer holds.  By the time we cool down enough to safely ship, many other places in the country are already starting to freeze.  So snag these beauties while  you still can.  We expect to be officially closing some time this month.

**Los Angeles Locals – we will remain open for pick up throughout the summer months.  Pick up is available in Burbank 91504 or Lake View Terrace 91342 7 days a week BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Generous discounts (typically $50 or more off) are applied for locals who pick up.


There’s nice full coverage of color all over Claybeck’s body.  We love how the blotches are arranged in bands from the neck all the way down the tail.  There should be a nice spread of color as Claybeck gains some size.  Claybeck has been very calm and cool with handling, but he does love hair. If you have long locks, just be mindful that he will try to get all up in it if given the chance, and he could become tangled. Gallery photos shown in fired and unfired state.  We viewed under a 30x loupe and saw many rows of clearly defined pores.  At 13g, we have pore-sexed Claybeck as male.

Gecko Details

Name: Claybeck

Species: Gargoyle Gecko

Sex: Male

Weight: 13g



Origin:The Gecko Geek

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