Big Fat Gecko Smoothie Mix – Adult Maintenance Formula


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-From the Manufacturer-

*Non-GMO, 100% All-Natural Whole Food

*100% All-Natural Fruits & Vegetables

*100% Complete, Balanced, All-Natural Protein

*Made with 100% All-Natural, Human-Grade Ingredients

*Made by G&N Geckos in the USA

Adult Maintenance Formula  – Specifically made for non-breeding adult frugivores.  Provides 27 grams of all-natural, complete protein to maintain proper weight and health.


-From The Gecko Geek-

We’ve been very happy with how well received this diet has been by our geckos.  Its a bit sweeter-smelling than some of the other diets we offer, and as a result we’ve noticed our pickier eaters being more attracted to it.  And by “a bit sweeter-smelling”…we mean “seriously, it smells like cake batter”.  This is a dessert dinner for geckos, but not in a junk food kind of way.  It may be candy to the nose, but this stuff is nutritionally balanced and jam-packed with all the wholesome goodness your geckos need.

Available in 2oz, 8oz, & 16oz sizes

Big Fat Gecko Smoothie Mix is also available in Juvenile & Breeder Formula

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2oz, 8oz, 16oz