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Email is the best way to contact us: kimthegeckogeek@gmail.com

Payment Options

We accept Paypal or Venmo to the account: kimthegeckogeek@gmail.com  Paypal/Venmo enables the secure use of credit or debit cards.

Before sending payment, please contact us first to be sure the animal you want is still available.  If payment is sent for an animal that is not available, a refund will be issued immediately.

For local pick-up, cash is also accepted.  We can also accept credit cards for local pickup through the use of a PayPal card reader, however these purchases may be subject to a processing fee.

Sorry, no personal checks.

Purchases made within California are subject to sales tax.  Resellers in CA – please send us a copy of your reseller’s license issued by the state BOE prior to finalizing purchase to waive applied tax.

All animal sales are final.  No exchanges or refunds will be issued, except in the conditions outlined below.

Payment plans are available for purchases over $200.  Payment plans are set up over a 30-day period, during which time the animal/s will be placed “on hold” for the buyer and will not be eligible for purchase by other potential buyers.  Our 30-Day hold terms are as follows.  By sending the deposit amount, you confirm that you have read and agree to our hold terms.

30-Day Hold Terms

Any available animal/s may be placed on a 30-Day Hold with receipt of a 25% non-refundable deposit of the total (including the shipping charge if applicable). Once the deposit is received, a confirmation email or text message will be sent to the buyer, and the animal/s will be officially marked as “ON HOLD”. During this hold period, we will no longer entertain offers to purchase the animal/s, even if a potential buyer offers a higher purchase price.

The remaining balance must be paid in full by 11:59PM PST on the 30th day. We do not set up scheduled payment plans. You may pay as little or as much as you like, as often or as infrequently as you like, so long as the total balance is satisfied by the end of the hold period.

As payments are received, we will send a “thank you” via email or text message to the buyer, confirming the amount received as well as the remaining balance due. Once the total balance is satisfied, the animal/s will be officially marked as “SOLD”, and shipment will be scheduled for the soonest possible date based on weather conditions & the buyer’s availability to receive the package.

If the total balance is not satisfied by 11:59PM PST on the 30th day, the animal/s will be removed from hold status & placed back on to the available page. All monies collected toward the purchase of the animal/s (minus the 25% non-refundable deposit) will be converted to store credit. Store credit has no expiration date & can be used toward the purchase of any available animal, but not toward another hold or deposit. The 25% non-refundable deposit will be retained by The Gecko Geek.  Cash refunds will NOT be issued.  Payment plans are offered as a courtesy and convenience to the buyer.  The 25% non-refundable deposit covers the cost of housing and feeding the animals while on hold status and accounts for the loss of income suffered by The Gecko Geek by turning down the potential sale of the animal while it was being kept on hold.  Buyers who place an animal (or animals) on hold, and do not satisfy the balance by the end of the hold period, will not be eligible to make purchases using a payment plan with The Gecko Geek for future purchases.

In the event that the buyer does not satisfy the balance by the end of the hold period, and The Gecko Geek follows protocol as outlined above, the buyer will not use social media or any other outlet to speak negatively about The Gecko Geek for holding to these terms.  Actions such as this will result in negative reviews for the buyer on sites including, but not limited to, the Fauna Board of Inquiry, as well as a potential civil suit.  The Gecko Geek will take all necessary steps to preserve their reputation in the reptile community.  Again, payment plans are offered as a courtesy and convenience to the buyer, and The Gecko Geek shall see no harm in offering these payment plans or holding to the terms set in regards to them.

In the unlikely event that the hold animal falls ill or otherwise becomes unsuitable for purchase during the duration of the hold period, the buyer will be notified immediately, the gecko will be removed from “Hold” status, and all monies collected (including the 25% deposit) will be refunded.

If you have any questions about our 30-Day Hold Terms, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Burbank, CA

Shipping Details

Shipping is done through FedEx via Reptiles 2 You. Please send us your zip code for a shipping quote.  Shipments within CA have been averaging $30.  Shipments outside of CA within the lower 48 have been averaging $55.  Buyer pays actual shipping.  Shipping charges are calculated per box, not per animal.  When purchasing multiple animals, the shipping fee quoted will apply for all animals shipped in a single box.  Because USPS does not guarantee arrival dates and/or times for live animal shipments, we are no longer offering shipment through USPS as an option.

International buyers, please contact us for a shipping quote.  We are now able to ship outside the US to many locations.

Isopod shipments average $10-$20 in the lower 48, or isopods can be added to any gecko purchase for no additional shipping charge.  International shipment of isopods is not available at this time.

Heat or cool packs will be included as necessary, and there is no additional charge for these items.

Shipping of live animals is available in the United States to the lower 48. Live animals are shipped overnight & guaranteed by most shipping companies to arrive before 10:30am to most locations. Some areas may have later guaranteed arrival times. We will inform buyer of expected arrival time once the shipment is booked.  Delays past these guaranteed arrival times are rare but possible. Shipping is done Monday through Wednesday so that potential delays are less likely to run into the weekend. An adult must be present to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt otherwise the live arrival guarantee will be void.

In some cases, packages may be able to be held at a hub rather than delivered to a home or office.  Buyers must request this service in advance.   Not all hubs will accept live animal packages, so The Gecko Geek will check with the approved hub list provided by Reptiles 2 You, and buyer will be able to select the desired hub from this list.  Hubs may change their live animal policies at any time, so just because they accepted live animal packages last year, or last month, or last week, does not mean that they will still accept them.  The Gecko Geek will not send any package to be held at a hub until we have confirmed with Reptiles 2 You that the hub accepts live-animal shipments, even if the buyer has received live animal packages to that hub in the past.  Please keep in mind that arrival to a hub is often much earlier than arrival to a home or office.  Packages sent to be held at a hub must be picked up by the buyer within one (1) hour of arrival at the hub.  Failure to pick up the package within one (1) hour of arrival will void the Live Arrival Guarantee.

We ship in insulated boxes with heat or cool packs as required; however, temperatures must still be within a safe range for the animal. For our geckos, nighttime lows must be above 40 degrees F and daytime highs must be under 85 degrees F in both our area & yours. We are happy to care for a purchased animal as long as necessary until weather is acceptable for shipping.

We will not ship any animal before receiving payment in full and before receiving confirmation that an adult will be present to receive the package on your end.

Customers have the option to request a shipper other than our preferred, to ship in containers other than the insulated boxes we use as standard, and/or to ship when temperatures are not within the range we have established as “safe” above, however The Gecko Geek is not obligated to comply with these requests.  We will consider each on a case by case basis, however complying with any of these requests will result in a full void of our live arrival and health guarantees. If we choose not to comply with these requests and the buyer is not willing to ship via our posted methods, the order will be cancelled, and all monies collected toward the purchase and shipping of the animal/s will be refunded minus a 25% reposting fee which is retained by The Gecko Geek

Delivery/Pick Up

We are usually able to personally deliver animals or arrange a mid-way meeting location within a 50 mile radius of Burbank, CA.

Pick up in Burbank, CA is also an option.

Meet ups with locals are considered on a case by case basis, and will take place in a public location.  Sorry, delivery to a private residence is not an option and we do not entertain private parties at our facility.


Live arrival

Animals are guaranteed to arrive alive, healthy, and exactly as we have described them. If there are any problems with your purchase, including but not limited to death on arrival, we must  be notified within four (4) hours of the animal’s arrival. Photographic proof of complaint is required before a store credit or replacement animal is given.  Cash refunds will not be issued.

Geckos will sometimes drop their tails due to stress.  This does not affect the health or breeding ability of the gecko, therefore no compensation will be offered in the case of a tail lost during shipment.


Any animal described as “male” or “female” is guaranteed to be the specified gender. If the animal is later discovered to be the wrong sex (verification required), a suitable replacement animal (if available) or store credit will be issued. If a replacement animal is requested, buyer must first return the original animal.  Shipping fees associated with returning the original animal will be the buyer’s responsibility.  The shipping cost of the replacement will be The Gecko Geek’s responsibility.  If store credit is preferred, the original animal must first be returned to The Gecko Geek (at the buyer’s expense).  Upon receipt of the original animal, a store credit will be issued to the buyer in the exact amount of the original purchase (including the original shipping charge).  If the buyer chooses to keep the original animal, no store credit will be issued nor will a replacement animal be sent.  Cash refunds will not be issued.

Animals listed as “probable male” mean that after louping the gecko I have seen what appear to be pre-anal pores, however no visible bulge is present.  “Probable males” are not guaranteed to be male.

Animals listed as “probable female” mean that no pre-anal pores were visible after louping an animal who, if male, would typically being showing pores at this stage.  “Probable females” are not guaranteed to be female.

Sex is not guaranteed for probable males or females because louping is not 100% accurate.

Animals listed as unsexed are too small/young to accurately determine gender.  If the animal has been viewed under a jeweler’s loupe, we will indicated whether or not pores were seen.  Seeing or not seeing pores on unsexed animals does not guarantee the gender.  We provide this information as a courtesy so buyers can make an educated guess about the gender of an animal they are purchasing.

General Health

We are confident with our practices and husbandry, and therefore offer a 7 day health guarantee for all animals sold by The Gecko Geek.  If you fail to properly feed, house, or otherwise treat the purchased animal, this guarantee is void.  In the event of the animal’s illness or death, photographic evidence as well as a report from a veterinarian of an exam or necropsy will be required.  If this report verifies with reasonable certainty that we are at fault, a store credit for the full purchase price of the animal or replacement animal will be offered.  Cash refunds will not be issued.

In addition to our 7 day health guarantee, we also offer a Genetic Health Guarantee for all animals produced by The Gecko Geek.  We take great care in selecting our breeding pairs and keep solid family history records, so when you purchase an animal produced by The Gecko Geek, you can rest assured that you are receiving a strong, healthy, quality animal.  We guarantee the genetic health of the geckos we produce for the duration of their lives.  If it is discovered at any point in time that the gecko is suffering from a genetic defect which would impact the quality of life or affect its ability to reproduce (report from a veterinarian of an exam or necrospy required for verification), a replacement animal or store credit for the full purchase price of the animal will be offered.  Cash refunds will not be issued.  The Genetic Health Guarantee covers only genetic defects which impact quality of life or reproductive ability.  It does not cover contagious diseases, parasites, death or illness as a result of egg binding, death or illness as a result of calcium-related conditions, or any other condition or situation other than what has been outlined above.  The Genetic Health Guarantee only applies to animals produced in-house by The Gecko Geek.  To see if the animal you are purchasing was produced by The Gecko Geek, simply look at the animal’s statistics chart on the animal’s dedicated page on this site.  If “origin” states “The Gecko Geek”, the animal was produced here by us.  If any other name is listed in the “origin” section, the animal was not produced in-house, and only the 7-day general health guarantee will apply.

General and Genetic Health guarantees do not apply to wholesale orders.  All geckos sold as wholesale come with a live-arrival guarantee only.



Animals described as “proven” have produced offspring in the past.  Photographs and records for the offspring of a particular animal are available upon request.

Animal Description

We do our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date representation of the animals we offer for sale, however it is nearly impossible to guarantee the final adult color or pattern of a crested gecko. An animal’s color can change depending on stress, mood, and as it matures.  The patterns can also change as the gecko ages, with the possibility of either increasing or decreasing.  There is also the possibility that spots may develop over time.  Please also keep in mind that colors can appear differently from one computer screen to the next.

We guarantee that our photos are never enhanced, touched-up, or otherwise altered, and we will gladly provide additional photos and/or video upon request.


If you have any questions regarding The Gecko Geek’s terms, please “Contact Us“.