Murphy’s Law


An amazing Tri Color boy produced by Scaredy Cat Geckos. This guy is going to be a cornerstone-quality male. I'm male-heavy with my tri colors...otherwise I wouldn't dream of listing him up. He's a little whacky-crazy (just like his papa) doesn't make him impossible to handle...but it does take an experienced hand. So he's not going to be a chill-on-your-shoulder kind of pet...but he is gonna be one helluvah breeder!

More Information

  • Name: Murphy’s Law
  • Species: Crested Gecko
  • Gender: male, subadult RTB by 2018
  • Hatch Date: n/a
  • Weight: g
  • Sire:  Hiesinburg
  • Dam: Kashmir
  • Origin: Scaredy Cat Geckos
  • Status: SOLD

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