Pillow Fight

A gorgeous little harley from one of my favorite boys (Snider - produced here form Jane x Enzo) and my lovely chubbster Stella (Spade Reptiles..best known for the Xander Mardi Gras line). Papa comes from a long line of beauties (I joke that there's no such thing as an ugly Jane baby...but its true...Jane's kids are some of my most sought after geckos and I had more than a few handsome offers for Snider when he was a youngster...glad I held on to him though :P ). So far, Snider is taking after mama in the baby-making department :) All of his kids have been complete knockouts, and Pillow Fight is no exception. This kid has drips to spare. Been firing very dark recently too...might even go true black and white. I should really be keeping him.

More Information

  • Name: Pillow Fight
  • Species: Crested Gecko
  • Gender: Male
  • Hatch Date: 5/29/14
  • Weight: g
  • Sire: Snider
  • Dam: Stella
  • Origin: The Gecko Geek
  • Status: holdback


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