New At The Gecko Geek for 2013!!

Its 2013! Happy New Year everyone!! We've been busy little birds working on several things to make your experience with The Gecko Geek even better. Here are some of the new things you can expect to see throughout 2013!...

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Happy 2013!!  Check Out What’s New At The Gecko Geek This Year!

It’s 2013!  Happy New Year everyone!! J  Last year was amazing.  After what seemed like forever, we finally launched the website, had our very first Contest for The Gecko Geek (congrats to our grand prize winner, Nathan Villareal!  We hope you & your new gecko, Slick Domino, are having a wonderful time together!), completely remodeled the gecko room to accommodate up to 12 more rescue-status geckos, and invested in a fancy new camera so we can finally start adding some quality videos to our YouTube channel!  In other words, we’ve been busy little birds!  But there’s no time for rest…the New Year is here & we are already working on a few things to make your experience with The Gecko Geek even better.

Here are some of the new things you can expect to see throughout 2013!

First & foremost, those of you who are regular visitors to the site may have already noticed some pretty major changes.  The most obvious – the Adoption section is GONE!  Don’t worry…we are still continuing our rescue efforts & we will still have rescue-status geckos available for adoption.  Photos of all geckos available for adoption can now be found in our “Available Now” section.  We thought it would be easier for our visitors to view ALL available animals, both for sale & for adoption, in one section.  We also found that having the “Adoption” section generated a lot of traffic to the site from folks who were seeking medical advice for their geckos.  While we are always happy to help in whatever way we can, we didn’t want encourage folks to turn to us to diagnose their animals rather than seeing a qualified veterinarian.  So, all available geckos will now be listed in the “Available Now” section, and adoptable geckos will be marked with a banner over their cover photo which reads “Adopt Me!”

Next, you may notice that a new page has popped up in place of the “Adoption” section.  What’s that?!?  Is it true?!?  You bet your buttered biscuits it is!!!  The Gecko Geek now has Gargoyle geckos!!!!  This is a new adventure for us, and as we build up our own colony we will only have limited availability of these guys.  For the moment, this will really just be a place for us to showcase the animals in our colony so we can introduce all of our new members & discuss our future breeding plans with them.  So exciting!!  With the addition of the Gargoyles, we will be making some other changes around the site to include them in the fun.  We plan to add some Gargoyle Fun Facts to our scrolling banner at the top of the home page, and of course our care sheet will be updated to include these amazing creatures.  You can also expect to see a few Gargoyle-specific blogs popping up every now & then, including morph guides, handling tips, and a variety of other topics.

You’ll also notice some helpful product reviews making their way to our blogs.  Since The Gecko Geek does not offer products for sale, and we do not have endorsements from any companies, but what we do have is a giant room full of geckos for whom we have purchased all of these various products, we thought this might be a nice way to share unbiased opinions of the products that we have tested.  We want to make it very clear – we are not benefiting financially from these reviews at all.  We will not accept discounts or free products in exchange for a review.  And we also want to make it very clear that we are not turning our beloved animals into test subjects.  Under no circumstances would we subject our animals to products that could be potentially harmful just to “see what happens”.  So don’t expect to see us testing out nail polish remover to see if that’s an effective cleaning tool!!!  NO WAY!!!  We are only sharing our personal opinions and experiences with the products that we have chosen to purchase for our geckos.  When we try a product out for the first time, we often “try” it on just a handful of our animals, so we can compare how this product works vs. a product we are currently using.  Since we have oh-so-many geckos, we have found this method to be a really reliable way to determine whether the new product was an improvement & whether or not it would be wise to continue using the product in the future.   So, this is something we are already practicing here, and have been practicing for several years.  The only difference now, is that we will write down our experiences & share them with you.  We will let you know what specific product we used, what type of gecko we used the product with (in addition to our Crested & Gargoyle geckos, we also keep Leopard geckos, so there may be some product reviews that are geared more towards them), how many geckos were included in the “test”, the age group of the geckos, the genders of the geckos, the time of year that the “test” took place, our experiences with the product, and finally, whether or not we have decided to continue using the product in the future.  If the choice was made to continue using the product, we will come back & update our review blog when we use it again to share our continued experiences with it.  We will be writing reviews for products in 3 categories – Food/Treats, Cleaning, and Enclosure Decorations.  We will not be writing reviews for any medications, either over-the-counter or prescription, or for particular store-fronts, online stores, or any other type of marketplace, and we will not be reviewing the specific costs of any items.  Since when we try out a new product, it is done on a much grander scale than the average gecko owner, we hope that by sharing our experiences, we will be able to help visitors to our site make more informed decisions about the products they choose to purchase for their own geckos.

We have also made a few changes to our Terms/Shipping section.  Most of this is just some rewording to make things a little more clear, but some of the more notable changes are contact info (we have finally updated PayPal, so our contact email & payment email now match!), a new definition to our Live Arrival guarantee when packages are requested to be held at a hub, and an all-new Lifetime Genetic Health guarantee for all animals produced by The Gecko Geek.  It should also be noted that sales made within the state of California will now be subject to sales tax (we will post the current tax rate in the Terms/Shipping section & update it as needed).  This is California’s law, not ours, and it is now required to apply sales tax to all items being sold online within CA, even if it is from one hobby business to another.  If you are a licensed reseller in CA & have documentation from the State BOE, we will need a copy of your reseller’s license prior to finalizing the sale in order to waive the sales tax.  But, it all evens out in the end!  Thanks to some revised carrier charges for in-state purchases, California residents will now see a lower shipping rate…$25 per box!

Last, but certainly not least, THE WAITING LIST IS BACK!!!  We had shut this down last season because it just wasn’t working out for us…and that was mostly our fault for not being as organized as we could have been.  This year we’ve put a little more effort into it & we feel like its going to be a very useful tool for those who choose to participate.  We will be posting a blog explaining all the ins & outs of the 2013 waiting list, but to kind of sum it up here, we are going to arrange it so that a person may request to be on a list for offspring of an individual, pair, group, or project.  Folks on the list will all be notified simultaneously when an animal that fits their requirements becomes available.  There is no obligation to purchase.  Waiting list folks will just have first dibs on snatching up available kids before they are listed for public sale.  Offspring from certain individuals, pairs, groups, or projects may have a limit so that everyone who has requested to be on the list will have an opportunity to purchase.

I’m sure we’ll come up with some other exciting stuff throughout the year, but this is what we’ve got for the moment!  We hope everyone will enjoy the changes we are making, and we thank all of you for making The Gecko Geek the fun & informative site that it is.  Without your suggestions, feedback, and support we would be lost.  Thanks for making our first year online so wonderful & we look forward to sharing another amazing year with you.  Happy 2013 everyone!!

-The Gecko Geek