This guy is papa to some of my best oddballs. Love what he produces, but still season after season I'm stumped as to how to work him. I'd love to see him go to someone who has a project he's well-suited for. I really don't know how to describe him. He's a bright neon orange...but that's marbled over a lavender base. He's got the pinstripe thing going on...but also this bright olive reverse stripe. Those yellow laterals are also impressively elongated. Odie is definitely a beautiful and unique snowflake. Lineage isn't too shabby either. His sire is Spyder (produced by Pangea and now owned by Emily's Geckos I believe). Mama was Orangejello from Scaredy Cat Geckos, and sadly, she passed a couple seasons back.

More Information

    • Name: Odie
    • Species: Crested Gecko
    • Hatch Date: 8/8/12
    • Gender: Proven Male
    • Weight: 45g
    • Sire:  Spyder
    • Dam: Orangejello
    • Origin: Scaredy Cat Geckos
    • Status: FOR SALE

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